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Do you often dream of a straighter, more perfect smile? Looking for orthodontic treatment without the brackets, wires, and rubber bands? At Anding Family Dental, we are proud to offer Invisalign in Omaha for our patients interested in improving the appearance, function, and health of their smile and bite. Interested in a consultation? Contact Anding Family Dental. We’d be happy to get you on the schedule!

About Our Omaha Invisalign Treatment

Although Invisalign was actually invented in the 1990s, it wasn’t until recently that it became one of the most popular orthodontic treatment options for improving smiles. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign treatment is designed to be virtually invisible by using clear aligners which can actually be removed. A series of Invisalign aligners are created for your treatment and will be switched every one to two weeks. With Invisalign, you can remove your aligners to eat, drink and clean your smile. However, you must wear them at least 22 hours a day for treatment to be effective. Invisalign treatment is effective for treating:

  • Teeth Overcrowding
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Misaligned Teeth
  • Gapped Teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Open Bites

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Benefits of Invisalign Aligners

When it comes to improving smiles and bites, Invisalign has various benefits over traditional braces and other orthodontic treatment options, which include:

  • Invisalign is designed to be discrete and virtually invisible.
  • Invisalign treatment often requires far fewer follow up visits with your orthodontist.
  • Invisalign does not cause damage or discoloration to teeth.
  • Invisalign treatment is often much shorter than traditional orthodontic treatment.
  • Invisalign makes caring for your smile and performing proper dental hygiene easier than with traditional braces.
  • Invisalign has no dietary restrictions, so patients can continue to enjoy their favorite foods and drinks.

Visit Our Invisalign Dentist in Omaha, NE Today

Interested in discretely improving your smile with Invisalign in Omaha? Contact Anding Family Dental today. We’d be happy to schedule your consultation with our Invisalign dentist so they can determine whether Invisalign treatment in Omaha is the best option for improving your smile.

dr. michelle chang

Dr. Michelle Chang

DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery)

Dr. Michelle Chang is a native of Honolulu, Hawaii! Graduating from Creighton School of Dentistry in 1997, she has found her home in Omaha, Nebraska. Dr. Chang and husband Galen combined their talents in 2003 to open their practice, Anding Family Dental, here in Omaha, Nebraska. They have been in practice for over ten years this last September. They truly enjoy creating an environment where all involved, patients and employees alike, can prosper.

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