Were you aware that the American Dental Association recommends that patients visit a dentist for professional dental check-ups at least twice a year? When is the last time you visited your dentist for a dental check-up in Omaha, NE? If it has been longer than six months, we recommend contacting Anding Family Dental to schedule your appointment with our dentist for a teeth check-up in Omaha! We even provide a kids’ dental check-up, just let us know if you’d like an appointment for your little one as well.

About Your Dental Check-Ups

At Anding Family Dental we believe that prevention is an essential part of providing the best dental care we can to our patients. Routine dental check-ups with Dr.Chang allow your dentist to monitor your smile and overall oral health, detecting any issues or risk factors long before they advance into a more serious problem. Unfortunately, it is estimated that about 35% of adults neglect to visit their dentist routinely, increasing their risk of tooth decay, cavity formation, gum disease, and even oral infections.

During your dental check-up, Dr.Chang will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, tongue and overall oral health, checking for any signs of issues or risk factors. In the event any issues are noticed, Dr.Chang can create a treatment plan for early dental intervention.

Why Do You Need a Dental Check-Up in Omaha?

Did you know there is a direct link between professional dental care and optimal oral health? Although at home dental care is a must for optimal oral health, it is important to visit the professionals from time to time. Visiting Anding family dental for a routine dental check-up can reduce your risk for dental complications, invasive dental treatments, and costly bills.

Schedule Your Dental Check-Up in Omaha, NE

Ready to schedule your dental check-up near you? Contact Anding Family Dental today at 402-933-4632, we would be more than happy to evaluate your smile and overall oral health. Book your appointment online today with Dr.Chang!

dr. michelle chang

Dr. Michelle Chang

DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery)

Dr. Michelle Chang is a native of Honolulu, Hawaii! Graduating from Creighton School of Dentistry in 1997, she has found her home in Omaha, Nebraska. Dr. Chang and husband Galen combined their talents in 2003 to open their practice, Anding Family Dental, here in Omaha, Nebraska. They have been in practice for over ten years this last September. They truly enjoy creating an environment where all involved, patients and employees alike, can prosper.

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