What to Expect in Preventative Dentistry

What to Expect in Preventative Dentistry

Jul 01, 2021

Preventive dentistry is the reason why dentists in Omaha NE 68132 keep emphasizing on the importance of frequent dental visits. Just because you visit your dentist every couple of months does not mean you have critical underlying dental issues that need treatment. Instead, it is a good measure of how intentional you are with taking care of your oral health.

What is Preventative Dentistry?

It is a specialty of dentistry that majors on the dental practices that proactively preserve oral health. The core principle of preventive dentistry is to ensure that your oral cavity is in good state at all times, taking away the need for restorative measures. Many of the oral practices in preventive dentistry are preventive rather than curative. In essence, their primary role is to monitor and maintain excellent oral health.

What Should You Expect in Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dental measures are universal for both children and adults. They are not necessarily specific to certain patients because the dental practices are not to offer treatment for underlying health problems. In that case, some of the services to expect from a dentist near you regarding preventive dental include the following:

  • Dental hygiene – entails services and techniques that help keep your oral cavity clean and free from bacteria. Dr. Michelle Chang ensures that her patients are well educated in proper oral hygiene, ranging from how to brush your teeth, how often and the products to use. Aside from that, preventive dentistry involves professional dental cleaning, where a dental hygienist brushes and flosses your teeth in the dental clinic.
  • Dental exams – the frequent dental exams are the one way a dentist gets to learn more about your oral health. In preventive dentistry, dental exams ensure that your dentist properly examines the state of your oral cavity. Where diagnosis is needed, it is done during dental exams. These exams are also valuable when it comes to detecting various oral problems in their early stages, for appropriate treatment. This way, you avoid many costly dental procedure in the future.
  • Fluoride treatment – is a treatment that entails enriching the enamels of your teeth with fluoride. This natural mineral is necessary for strengthening teeth as well as fighting against bacteria that cause dental cavities.
  • Nutrition – your dentist is more involved in nutritional health than you think. Dental experts take time to make recommendations on changes that patients need to make regarding their meal choices. The nutritional adjustments can impact the health of your teeth regarding brightness or whiteness, strength, nutrient and mineral absorption, risk of infection, to mention a few. What you eat significantly affects your oral health as well as your general body health.
  • Tooth fillings – fillings are used in restorative dentistry to restore and repair damaged teeth. However, in preventive dentistry, tooth fillings can serve as a preventive measure. They seal an opening on teeth to prevent the progression of cavities. Further, there are special types of tooth fillings called dental sealants. They are used on the chewing surfaces of premolars and molars, before any cavities form. The oral sealants create a barrier that shields your teeth from bacteria that lead to dental caries. These types of dental fillings are very popular in pediatric dentistry, for children with a high risk of getting tooth cavities, usually between the ages of 6 and 14.
  • Habit training – did you know that a dentist can help you unlearn some poor oral habits that you may have picked up as you grow? Such habits include thumbsucking, biting fingernails, teeth grinding, to mention a few. A dentist can also help you out if you are one of those picky eaters. Such services will not only impact your oral health, but also your entire body’s health.


Preventive dentistry is for everyone. If you do not want to end up visiting an emergency dentist in Omaha due to an urgent dental issue, preventive dentistry is the way to go. The dental experts in this specialty of dentistry will care for all of your oral needs so you do not have to worry about any lingering infections in your mouth or possibility thereof.

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