Invisalign – Smiling Again with Confidence

Invisalign – Smiling Again with Confidence

Nov 07, 2018

Having crooked teeth can make you feel as though your smile isn’t perfect and this can lead to feelings about inadequacy. Everyone wants to have a smile they can feel proud of, after all. You might think that you’re too old to have your teeth fixed, or it’s too expensive, or you might be embarrassed about wearing braces at a later age in life. Fortunately, you can find an Invisalign orthodontist in Omaha, NE that can help you get on track to having the smile you’ve always wanted, no matter what your age is.

Invisalign: What is it?

Invisalign is a cosmetic alternative to metal braces. Braces are commonly used to straighten teeth that are misaligned. Not only can they fix misalignments, but they can also be used for closing gaps in between teeth. Unlike the metal options, Invisalign near you are almost completely invisible, so most people won’t even notice that you’re wearing them! This can be great for both children and adults that aren’t comfortable with having a mouth full of metal. The innovative technology can help restore smiles for anyone.

The treatment time can take anywhere between nine and twelve months and varies depending on the corrections you’re trying to make.

How Does it Work?

Doctors will use computer technology coupled with 3D modeling to create aligners that are then made to fit the teeth that need to be corrected. These are changed every 15 days as your teeth slowly become straighter. Metal braces are attached to your teeth using wires and brackets and can’t be easily removed. This is where Invisalign gets its biggest advantage: you can take them off to eat and brush your teeth.

You still need to make sure you are following your dentist’s game plan, though. This means wearing the Invisalign for as many hours a day that he tells you to. Once your braces come off, a custom retainer is put in to help your settle down into their new position.

Having straight teeth should be more than just a cosmetic decision. It helps promote good oral hygiene, it helps us chew food properly, and it helps us speak articulately. Invisalign in Omaha is a great option for many reasons. Talk to your orthodontist today.

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