How to Get Whiter and Brighter Teeth for Less

How to Get Whiter and Brighter Teeth for Less

Jan 01, 2019

Do you hide your smile because of discolored teeth? Whiter teeth give you confidence to flash your smile. Whitening your teeth is an easy way to freshen up your appearance and can even make you look younger. More people are looking for a natural approach to routine dental care and may try out some home remedies, whitening kits and strips. It’s not that expensive and may save you a visit to the dentist near you.

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Tips to Get Whiter Teeth naturally:

  1. Healthy diet: Eliminate beverages that can stain your teeth like wine and tea, can stain the teeth. Coffee and dark sodas and juices can also stain them. Acidic foods can make the teeth look yellow by wearing down the enamel. Family Dentist in Omaha generally recommends waiting 30 minutes after eating before brushing the teeth. Acids can weaken the enamel, so brushing too soon can cause damage. Quitting smoking or tobacco products can reduce the risk of nicotine stains. It can also prevent tooth decay and gum disease, both of which can damage the enamel and cause oral health issues.
  2. Brushing with baking soda and lemon: Baking soda and lemon has natural bleaching qualities. So you can mix one teaspoon baking soda with few drops of lemon juice. Make a paste and apply on the stained teeth. The result is amazing. But this needs to be repeated at least thrice every week to keep your teeth white.
  3. Whitening kits and strips: You can get not very expensive teeth whitening strips and kits which you can use at home and get good results. They are easy to apply and use.
  4. Brush and Floss: According to Family Dentist 68132, while some tooth discoloration comes naturally with age, it is largely a result of plaque build-up. Regular brushing and flossing can help your teeth stay white by reducing bacteria in your mouth and preventing plaque build-up. Toothpaste gently rubs out stains on your teeth, and flossing removes bacteria that lead to plaque. Regular dental cleanings and exams can also help your teeth stay clean and white.
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