How Invisalign for your child changes their jawline & give a beautiful smile

How Invisalign for your child changes their jawline & give a beautiful smile

May 01, 2021

Does your child need orthodontic treatment to get a beautiful smile? Orthodontics involves undergoing painful treatment with ungainly looking metal brackets and wires you or your child may not prefer. Thankfully an alternative is available from Invisalign, who now offer Invisalign first.

Invisalign first is a new introduction from Align Technologies, the manufacturers of Invisalign. Invisalign first is created specifically for children. The aligners treat some dental issues early in life to ensure it reduces severe problems in the future. Invisalign first is offered by Dr. Michelle Chang from Anding family dental in Omaha to give children a beautiful smile.

How Does Invisalign First Help Children Improve Their Smile?

Invisalign first is created especially for children between six and 10. The treatment helps alter and improve issues with children’s mouths like arch development and expansion. Invisalign first can adjust tooth protrusions, overcrowding, and teeth spacing, besides the smile’s overall appearance.

When you take your child to the dentist near you for advice about changing their jawline, they recommend using these custom aligners because they are specifically designed to shape and expand the jawline gradually. Getting the treatment for your child during their younger years to help fix conditions helps avoid any significant problems in the future.

Is the Treatment with Invisalign First Intensive?

Invisalign first functions to broaden and shape your child’s jawline by expanding the dental arch. The process entails applying gentle pressure to guide your child’s teeth by increasing their dental arch size. Initially, it would help determine whether your child needs the treatment or is a candidate for Invisalign first. After you or your child’s orthodontist confirm Invisalign first is indeed the right step, pictures, x-rays, and impressions of your child’s smile are taken for the Invisalign laboratory. Align technologies the manufacturers of Invisalign develop the first set of aligners or trays for your child.

Your child must wear the aligners recommended by the treatment provider without any compromises if you want them to achieve a beautiful smile. The custom aligners from Align Technologies continue to arrive over time as they are replaced frequently. The aligners will shift your child’s teeth to the desired positions. Depending on the complexity of the orthodontic condition affecting your child, they may need a complete set of trays or may have the issue in their mouths corrected by just one aligner. Furthermore, they may require attachments on the surface to assist with jaw placement.

Is Invisalign first suitable for everyone?

Align Technologies developed the Invisalign first option exclusively for younger patients. This far, Invisalign offered treatment for adults with their custom-designed aligners and then introduced Invisalign Go for teenagers. Expanding their reach to satisfy all patients’ desires, Invisalign first was introduced for patients that need orthodontic treatment during the early stages of life.

Around seven years of age, children have a mix of baby and permanent teeth. Taking note of the mixture, Invisalign first addresses malocclusions in younger children’s mouths, including shorter tooth crowns, predicting dental arch expansion, and managing erupting dentition. Invisalign first aims to accommodate the child’s baby teeth while falling out and their permanent teeth from emerging.

The incredible benefits of Invisalign first for grown children are vast. Invisalign first creates a customizable preparation for your child’s dental needs, which, if detected early treatment for severe problems needing treatment from emergency dentist Omaha is avoided. Invisalign first treatment is a simple and alternative remedy for an extensive range of orthodontic malformations. The treatment supports the teeth and jawline movement by providing a clear and virtually invisible solution than the traditional metal brackets and wires. The treatment also allows children sufficient room for their emerging permanent teeth as your child matures and grows.

Young children age seven or eight are unlikely to need teeth whitening in Omaha as the treatment is not recommended for children under 13. However, when your child receives therapy with Invisalign First to improve their jawline and smile, they benefit from the bonus of being able to remove the clear aligners for eating the foods they love, brushing their teeth, and getting involved in many more activities. When Align Technologies introduced Invisalign back in the 90s, they surprised everyone by offering plastic aligners to straighten teeth. However, the treatment proved revolutionary and is currently used by over 9 million people worldwide. With the introduction of Invisalign first, the numbers will only improve as the treatment is now available even for children, unlike before when it was restricted to adults and teenagers. Invisalign first completes an entire cycle of treatment options for everyone with the current introduction.