How Effective and Secure Is Teeth Whitening

How Effective and Secure Is Teeth Whitening

Feb 01, 2023

If you consider whitening your teeth because they are discolored and impact your smile you would be justified to think about the effectiveness and security of the whitening treatment. After all, you are entrusting your teeth to the person to change their color to make your teeth appear aesthetically pleasing. In addition, you also pay them money when receiving the treatment making it essential for you to know whether teeth whitening is secure or effective.

Regardless of the reasons for the discoloration of your teeth, you can make them whiter and brighter if you desire. You can consider many options on the market or visit the dentist in Omaha for whitening treatments. You can even consider at-home options for whitening your teeth. While some adverse effects of teeth whitening are widespread, most traditional whitening treatments are safe and secure if you follow the instructions on the product’s label.

Options You Can Consider for Whitening Your Teeth

As mentioned earlier, you will find it easy to come across many teeth-whitening remedies on the market if you are conscious of the costs and do not desire instant whitening.

If you are willing to wait for over-the-counter products to deliver results gradually, consider using whitening toothpaste, strips, gels, mouthwashes, et cetera after consultation with your dentist. However, the results will become visible only after three to six weeks or more of constant use, which might not prove beneficial if you desire faster outcomes.

If you want whiter teeth for an event and do not have the time to spare behind over-the-counter remedies, the optimal technique for you is to consider teeth whitening in Omaha, NE, from a dentist who supervises the treatment to ensure its security and effectiveness.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth whitening from dentists functions differently than over-the-counter remedies to deliver instant results in an appointment lasting merely 90 minutes. In addition, the therapy brightens your teeth by three to eight shades during your appointment with the dentist to give you a gleaming smile when you leave the dentist’s office.

Dentist-provided teeth whitening treatments start by examining your teeth, checking for signs of plaque and tartar buildup that also discolor your teeth. Next, the dentist ensures they clean your teeth to eliminate existing stains and note the color of your teeth for reference later. If your teeth have discolored because of plaque and tartar deposits, the dentist merely polishes them to give them a brighter sheen. However, if the stains are widespread, they recommend receiving in-office teeth whitening treatment by bleaching your teeth.

Teeth bleaching is different from using over-the-counter remedies and brightens your teeth by the number of shades mentioned earlier, depending on the staining on your teeth. Sometimes, you might need multiple appointments with the dentist to achieve the desired shade.

Teeth whitening from dentists is not a stressful procedure because you merely sit with your mouth open in the dentist’s chair for the professional to apply hydrogen peroxide bleaching ingredient on your teeth four times during the hour after every 15 minutes. Heat and light accompany the bleaching ingredient to activate it and accelerate the process. Every 15 minutes, you receive a fresh application of hydrogen peroxide from the dentist to continue your treatment. At the end of the hour, the dentist requests you rinse your mouth and receive a fluoride treatment to prevent tooth sensitivity which can occur in some cases. The dentist evaluates the present color of your teeth with the notes made earlier to notice the difference between them.

If you are unsatisfied with the results, the dentist provides at-home whitening trays by taking impressions of your mouth to create customized trays. The trays are delivered in approximately a week with whitening gel and instructions on when and how to use them. The dentist dispensed at-home remedy helps gradually whiten your teeth or maintain the teeth whitening results you achieve at their office.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening from dentists is safe and effective because dental professionals ensure they protect your teeth and the soft tissues of your mouth and prevent irritating them by letting the hydrogen peroxide comment or come into contact with them. Dentists use cheek retractors on your lips and rubber dams on your gums to protect them from sensitivity. When using concentrated hydrogen peroxide, dentists are aware of the concentration they can use and do not exceed the recommended limits. Therefore if you receive teeth whitening treatment from a dentist, consider the therapy exceptional because you achieve the brighter teeth you desire without confronting complications or challenges that leave you with unwanted problems.

Getting your teeth whitened is just part of a process that requires ongoing care to ensure your teeth remain bright to complement your smile. Therefore it helps if you limit or avoid or limit having staining foods and beverages, quit smoking, maintain excellent dental hygiene and scream six monthly appointments with dentists for exams and cleanings. The results from teeth whitening treatments from dentists remain with you from six months to three years, depending on the care you provide your teeth. Therefore the better you care for them, the brighter your smile remains, and it prevents the need for repeated treatments at high prices.

If you have discolored teeth that appear aesthetically unpleasing, Anding Family Dental provides teeth whitening treatments that make you think differently. Consult them today if you need instant whitening and benefit by having a beautiful smile by this evening.

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