Caring for Your Teeth and Invisalign during Covid-19

Caring for Your Teeth and Invisalign during Covid-19

Jul 01, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic is a break from work for some, but for others, it is posing a challenge both mentally and financially. If you are struggling with this problem, plenty of printed material is available for help. We believe you must keep your teeth and gums healthy during this phase of lockdown. An additional note for patients who have begun with the Invisalign course of treatment is also included.


General Advice on Oral Health


Your life would have turned upsidedown temporally because of the coronavirus pandemic affecting the world. The danger of your oral health a routine being affected also exist. If you are accustomed to brushing your teeth in the morning before leaving for work, that particular timeslot may no longer exist. The cornerstone of good oral health is brushing your teeth twice a day, and therefore you must try to find a new regular time to brush and floss your teeth, especially in the morning.


Your evening routine is unlikely to be affected because you can still brush before getting into bed. However, your morning routine needs to be adjusted to a different time. Everyone is not similar, but if you can schedule a regular slot for brushing and flossing, you will, in every likelihood, maintain a routine.


Taking Care of Your Nutrition


The present times are different, and everyone is coping with it differently. You could be spending time in front of the idiot box or relaxing wherever you can. The extra time available can bring in a desire to snack frequently. While some foods like crisps are not particularly harmful, you may find yourself gorging on chocolate and cakes. The additional intake of sugar can result in tooth decay at a time when dentists are challenging to find.


All dentist offices are closed for treatments other than emergencies, and a mild toothache is unlikely to be treated during this time. You may have to wait until dentists return for work. The problem may bring you plenty of discomforts. Therefore cleaning your teeth properly and avoiding sugary foods will hopefully help you to avoid such issues.


Advice for Invisalign Wearers


If you are an Invisalign wearer, you will wonder how to take care of Invisalign? You may have begun the treatment before this pandemic engulfed everything around it. As dentist’s offices are not open, you may be concerned that you will not receive the one-on-one monitoring that you are accustomed to in normal circumstances. Dr. Michelle Chang, the dentist in Omaha, hopes to resume personal services at the earliest but offers the following advice helpful for patients with information that you can call Anding Family Dental if you have any concerns.


If you are exhausting your supply of aligners, this dental facility may be able to provide them if no other intervention is needed. You can contact them for a review of your situation when they will advise you whether it is possible. However, if the situation does not permit them to assist, you will be told to wear the aligner a little longer than average. The aim is to stretch the treatment with each tray and to delay the point where you are left with no aligners to wear. When you reach the final stage, the dentist may advise you to wear the last aligner only during the nights to prolong its effects. They will, however, evaluate every case individually as far as possible.


You must remember to care for the aligners if you are wearing them for a more extended period. The aligners need to be cleaned well to ensure hygiene. You can follow the cleaning advice received when beginning the treatment, as it will help you to maintain the aligners hygienically.


If you break or lose an aligner, it can be replaced, although the delivery time will be longer than usual. The dental facility will do everything possible to help you during these unprecedented times. You can call them with any questions you have or need more information on how to care for Invisalign.


The ADA has already issued new guidelines for dentists planning on returning to work. The information provided in this blog should help you to care for your teeth and Invisalign appropriately. Just ensure you take care of your teeth and the clear aligners and stay safe until this dental practice can be visited for one-on-one appointments.

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