Best Practices for Dealing With Fear When You are Scared of the Dentist

Best Practices for Dealing With Fear When You are Scared of the Dentist

Dec 03, 2018

Many young children, and even adults, have a fear of visiting dentist. This can be caused from a past traumatic experience or just from the fact that it is a new process that they are not accustomed to. Are you afraid of the dentist? If so, our team at Anding Family Dental can provide you with practical help on dealing with fear when you are scared of the dentist. Continue reading on for some tips and suggestions and see how your dentist in 68132 can help.

What causes a fear of the dentist?

As previously mentioned, a past bad experience with the dentist is what commonly begins a fear of the dentist. Others have a rational fear of pain or discomfort that they might feel during their appointment. Some patients are embarrassed of the state their teeth and gums are in. They do not want the hygienists or dentists to see the ‘bad’ condition of their smile. Our family dentist in Omaha, NE focuses on providing patients with quality care that improves their oral health.

What can help your fear?

Sedation dentistry is a safe option that can be delivered in different forms such as through local anaesthetics, orally, with an IV, or with nitrous oxide. These options can allow you to remain alert and relaxed or unconscious during your dental treatment.

Our Omaha family dentist encourages patients to bring a distraction along with them during their appointments. Download a new album of music on your phone to listen to or bring along a stress ball to keep your more relaxed.

Bring along a family member or close friend that can provide you with emotional support. They can give you reassurance and comfort throughout your appointment.

Any one of these suggestions can help to improve your next appointment and keep it running smoothly. Don’t avoid your dental cleanings and exams out of fear or anxiety. Talk to your Anding Family dentist and book an appointment today! Your initial appointment can be a simple consultation that allows you to get to know our clinic.

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