7 Common Dental Myths

7 Common Dental Myths

Oct 31, 2018

At Anding Family Dental, we hear all the common dental myths. Here are a handful of myths out there that can wreck your good dental health.

    • “Diet sodas are okay to drink because they don’t have sugar in them”

Sodas are acidic, whether sugared or not. The bacteria in our mouth love acid and become very active in its presence, weakening and damaging tooth enamel.

    • “You only need to go to the dentist if your teeth hurt”

By the time your teeth start hurting, damage or disease is already in action. It’s far better to build up the health of your teeth than always trying to get that good health back. Prevention saves you time and money in the long-run.

    • “Flossing can create spaces between your teeth”

Flossing can’t cause spaces between your teeth. Flossing removes particles of food from in-between teeth, preventing decay. Flossing also helps stimulate the gums, keeping them healthy and strong.

    • “It’s only a baby tooth”

Baby teeth are crucial to the health of your child’s adult teeth. Among other important duties, baby teeth ensure adult teeth line up just right so they can grow in the position. Teaching children good oral hygiene helps get them in the habit of caring for their teeth.

    • “Oral health is not connected to the rest of the body.”

Oral health is essential for overall health. An unhealthy mouth harms the whole body. Tooth decay provides harmful bacteria a haven, while continually spreading into the body.

    • “It doesn’t matter what time of day I brush.”

Saliva production varies depending on our sleep cycle. When we’re awake, our mouths produce more saliva, which naturally washes away food particles and reduces bacteria. At night, our mouths tend to dry up, allowing bacteria to sit on the teeth and damage enamel. Brushing at night gets as much bacteria off our teeth as possible. Doing the same in the morning has the same effect.

    • “My teeth are unhealthy because I’m aging.”

Aging doesn’t necessarily affect oral health at all. If your teeth are unhealthy, you’ve got a problem that can be fixed.

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